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BPJS Kesehatan Strategy to Build Customer Engagement


Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (The Social Security Administering Body for Health – BPJS Kesehatan) has a central role in realizing national social security in the health sector. With this role, it is inevitable that BPJS Kesehatan has the most significant number of customers compared to other insurance companies. The number of BPJS Kesehatan customers, as of December 2021, is 229.5 million customers.

BPJS Kesehatan utilizes digital social media channels and websites to build customer engagement. With many customers, of course, the content served on their social media accounts is very diverse. For example, a Facebook account contains company program content, solution tips for customers, and the latest content packaged through informative posts, including uploaded photos and videos.

One of them is content titled "Always Ensure that our BPJS membership is active, Ngab" which was uploaded on a Facebook account on March 28, 2022, gaining 654 likes, 1.1 thousand comments, and 54 times shared. From January-March 2022, based on Ivosights research, BPJS Kesehatan's Facebook account contained 28 posts, 14,965 comments; 5.485 reactions; 730 shares; 209,331 total followers; and grabbed the blue tick.

Positive achievements also occurred on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. While on the website, there are 7,100,000 Total Visits, 10.74 Pages/Visit, an Average Visit Duration of 00:23:38, and a bounce rate of 15.98%.

Ivosight noted that BPJS Kesehatan's social media accounts from January-March 2022 obtained 12,111 Total Streams; a Total Positive 603 (4.98%); 36,656,966 Potential Reach; with a Final Index of 96.22.

The digital social media platforms and websites used by BPJS Kesehatan are effective in creating engagement so that they won the championship in "The Most Engaged Brand 2022" in the insurance category.

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